Cap/Gown/Diploma Ordering


To participate in the graduation ceremony, each graduate must have a MATTE black cap/gown and a diploma. Everything else is optional. 🙂

Here is the information about caps/gowns and diplomas:

We decided to use a MATTE BLACK cap/gown for both men and women with the hopes that they can be borrowed/sold/handed down later.

No collars for the women, and please choose any color tassel you like. The tassel charm is also your choice. 🙂 There is a small savings if you purchase a package because the tassel is included, but I included links for purchasing items separately as well. If your child is to graduate with honors, you may purchase a GOLD honor cord.

We also made the decision for a 6×8 sized diploma.  You can choose your own color of cover, and all the details are for your choosing. However, We think it will look nice if they are all the same size.

Here’s the link to the INHG-19 ordering page at Homeschool

1. The deadline for ordering is Thursday, March 14 at 11:59 pm. You can still order after the deadline, but you won’t get a discount or free shipping!

2. Shipping: Your order will be shipped to your organization – but it’s fine to use your address for “billing and shipping” information. If you order late, you’ll have to pay for shipping, and your order will ship directly to you.

Any questions? Feel free to call Homeschool at 877-466-2563.

Please note: The “standard” diploma is still personalized with your child’s name and school name. You get even more personalization with the “personalized” diploma, but either way will still ensure that your child’s diploma won’t be mistaken for anyone else’s.

**If you put the diploma in your cart FIRST, the cap/gown/tassel are “add-ons” and give a package discount.

Start your order for Diploma and additional add-ons here


Link for cap/gown/tassel in matte black. Parent may order any color tassel. ($28 + $6 for tassel)

Standard Diploma ($30)
Personalized Diploma ($36)
Gold Honor Cord ($4)
Tassels ($7)